About Us

Monkey Man Labs is a groups of like minded artists dedicated to the creation of amazing stuff, be is t-shirts, comics, artwork or video games. We at Monkey Man Labs work hard to bring you only the coolest stuff around. Keep coming back for new content and other awesome stuff.

Erik Lervold | Monkey Man Labs Art Director

Erik Lervold | Art Director

Erik Lervold was born when he was very young. He has worked for TokyoPop, Archie Comics, NASA, Rotten Apple Comics, and Capstone Books, amongst others. He is now working on the comic Ghost Strands and the webcomic The Red Calaveras. Erik is the main graphic designer of GoGoMatika, a painter, a podcaster, plays the bass guitar, sucks at writing songs and sometimes does some acting. He has very little material possessions and lives with ferrets.

Jay Torres | Monkey Man Labs Web Designer

Jay Torres | Web Designer

Proud husband and father of two, named Raziel and Aeris. Because of education in Puerto Rico's lack of efficiency and modern tech standards, Jay decided to learn the hard way of coding by himself. He self taught: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Joomla, CodeIgniter and others. Feeling hopeless and lost in wanting to make a living on what he does best, he met the awesome crew of Monkey Man Labs. There he began to see another perspective of what he could soon accomplish with his hard work. He has a love and interest in video games (specially Dark Souls) and its development.

Kevin Collins | Monkey Man Labs Business Man

Kevin Collins | Business

Graduated from high school in 04. During those years I atended a technical college for computer science and graphic design. Explored other job fields and came upon the technical field and furthered my experience going to college for networking and programming. I have 15 years of customer service, warehousing, business etiquette, managerial experience and now IT.

Allyn Jensrud | Monkey Man Labs Writer/Co-Creator of Ghost Strands

Allyn Jensrud | Writer

Writer and co-creator of Ghost Strands, Allyn Jensrud is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Allyn met Erik Lervold while searching for local artists in the Minneapolis area to help see his comic book concept come to life. Since then, they have been developing and producing the comic Ghost Strands since the summer of 2012. In his off time, Allyn enjoys reading comic books (old and new), such as 100 Bullets, Preacher, and The Walking Dead, and playing video games, with titles like Grand Theft Auto, Border Lands 2, and Final Fantasy. Since working on Ghost Strands, Allyn has also written the Lil Bolt comic, for Rotten Apple Comics.

Kevin Kosmo Bio | Monkey Man Labs Animation/Colorist

Kevin Kosmo | Animation/Colorist

Kosmo hails from the Rangoon City of Burma. He came to the United States in the Summer of 2010 to pursue his dream of becoming an animator. Kosmo graduated from the Art Institute of Washington in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation. He claims that he learned how to speak English from watching “tons” of American movies and playing GTA games. He doesn't talk much but prone to come up with one-liners that usually end up in Red Calaveras, a webcomic in which he stars as a character. His character is the only cast member to have the 100% accurate appearance and namesake of his real-life counterpart. Kosmo has been with the creative team behind the Monkey Man Labs pretty much since the beginning mainly as a colorist. Besides painting and illustration, Kosmo does 3D Modeling and Animation on both traditional and digital medium. He recently won Costco Cup Motorized Shopping Cart Race.

Omar Mejias Bio | Monkey Man Labs Game Designer/Programmer

Omar Mejias | Game Designer/Programmer

Software programmer, self taught game Designer/Developer, writer, musician and living in tune with everything that can spark my imagination.